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Peninsula Beverly Hills Peninsula Spa Lounge

Spa & Wellness Ultimate Six-in-One Facial


5 / F (Rooftop)

+1 310 975 2854

The Peninsula Spa Beverly Hills is pleased to announce the introduction of six-in-one In-Skin facial machine at its award-winning spa. This ground-breaking system, the first of its kind in Beverly Hills, features cutting edge technology that seamlessly integrates six high-performance functions to provide the ultimate customized and results-oriented facial experience. 

The Ultimate Indulgence facial features:

    • Microdermabrasion: Diamond-tip microdermabrasion improves the superficial skin layer to remove old and damaged epidermis skin and stimulate collagen regeneration
    • Oxygen: Skin is vitalized, stimulating cellular respiration – tone is increased to offer the skin more elasticity and reduce irritation
    • Radio-frequency: Effective against loose skin and wrinkles, the diathermic effect increases tissue oxygen supply, accelerates cell metabolism and stimulates collagen regeneration for firmer, stronger skin
    • Chromo-frequency Face Mask: This LED mask uses energy and vibrations of one or more colors to return skin to its correct balance
    • Air Massage: Lymph activation loosens cell deposits and supports the elimination of toxins and tissue decomposition
    • Electroporation: Based on mesotherapy, this innovative technology improves the skin’s ability to absorb active substances

The six enhancements are used in conjunction with the recently launched Biologique Recherche skincare line for unprecedented results. Priced at $1,500, the 120-minute treatment may be reserved by telephone at +1 (310) 975 2854 or by email at