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An Icon of Sophistication

April 25, 2013
An Icon of Sophistication

If you think all it takes is a pretty face and swift feet to man The Peninsula Beverly Hills, think again. In April 2013, leading travel authority Condé Nast Travel did the figures and they’re quite impressive to say the least. 

Each day, an average of 150 people visit The Peninsula Beverly Hills pool to enjoy its 50 plush sun loungers and 12 luxurious private cabanas to soak in that famous California sunshine, meaning at least ten pool staff and four pool boys must be on deck at all times to deliver their pomegranate mojitos and fish tacos – the two most ordered items on the menu – and much more from the kitchen to poolside guests throughout the day. At noon, pool staff at The Peninsula Beverly Hills deliver a variety of complimentary refreshments including frozen grapes, homemade yogurt or fruit pops, assorted smoothies, chocolate ganache pops and virgin frozen drinks to keep guests cool against the noon day sun.