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Spa & Wellness Red Flower Nail Treatments

5/F (Rooftop)
+1 310 975 2854

Using a transformative skin care system, draw life and replenishment from nature and experience a rush of wellness designed to restore your skin to its radiant self. Awaken your body with an abundance of antioxidant-rich berries bursting with omega 3s and 6s, arctic white peat high in fatty acids and phyto-nutrients, collagen-boosting certified organic mushrooms, and pure plan hydrosols sourced directly from Finland’s phyto-power-filled summers of sunlight.

Rejuvenate your hands and feet and restore aging skin to optimal health with Red Flower’s toxin-free, fresh, and pure preparation of potent organic ingredients.

Nature Deluxe Hand Treatment with Manicure 
Smooth, tone and brighten your hands and fingers in antioxidant-rich berries, organic mushrooms and pure plant hydrosols. A wonderfully restorative treatment for the extremities crafted for an extraordinary healing experience.
$110 / 60 minutes

Nature Deluxe Foot Treatment with Pedicure 
Submerge your feet and toes in the abundance of nature. This extraordinarily nourishing treatment from Red Flower delivers a surge of hydration while firming and toning the skin using antioxidant-right arctic berries, white peat enzymes and omegas 3 and 6. 
$150 / 75 minutes

Nature Deluxe Hand & Foot treatment with Manicure and Pedicure 
$250 / 2 hours ($10 savings)

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