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Spa & Wellness Bio-Ultimate Lifting Facial

5/F (Rooftop)
+1 310 975 2854

Maintain the skin’s award-winning glow year-round with the Bio-Ultimate Lifting Facial at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa. This spectacularly effective facial is designed to lift, tone and increase elasticity, all naturally, and with unprecedented results, in as little as one session. 

This beauty breakthrough comes courtesy of the revolutionary TAMA micro-current technology. The holistic method stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to ensure a luminous, lifted complexion. Low levels of electrical current trigger the body’s natural cellular repair mechanism and re-balance the magnetic energy on the face. The process diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by toning and rejuvenating the facial muscles. 

The Bio-Ultimate Lifting Facial begins with gentle cleansing and is followed by an AHA peel. Lifting is then performed on the neck, eye, lip and cheek areas using the interactive micro-current system. The treatment concludes with a luxurious face mask finished with a jade roller massage. Guests are encouraged to customize this revolutionary facial to better suit their skincare needs by requesting additional attention to any of the lifting areas.

Bio-Ultimate Lifting Facial - 60 min
Lifting on neck, eyes, lips and cheeks with a luxury face mask

Red Carpet Lift - 60 min
Lifting on three areas of your choice

Walk of Fame - 60 min
Lifting on two areas of your choice

Bio-Ultimate Lifting Areas - 30 min
Neck, cheeks, lips or eyes

The Bio-Ultimate Lifting Facial is offered exclusively at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa and may be reserved by telephone at +1 (310) 975 2854.

For the ultimate indulgence, this high performance facial can be experienced in the comfort of your guest room or suite. Prices vary and begin from $335.

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